Serving the followers of Masoomeen A.S. for 50 years

Our mission is to inculcate Islamic thinking in the masses through wisdom and sacrifice. The Association/organization was formed to preserve the Islamic teachings based on the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet sawas and his Noble Ahl al‑Bayth A.S.

We undertook the task to keep the Islamic rituals and traditions alive. The current status of negligence and animosity to be replaced by love, sincerity, and achievement of envisaged goal.


When the Momineen and visitors come on a daily basis to Husainyah masjid they should benefit from the information and be able to do ziarath of important places of pilgrimage. Your co-operation in preserving the rare books and library books on major topics in large numbers is requested.

Please contribute to the noble cause today in the Holy Month in maintaining the Husainiyah. The total expense is $75,000 and $39,000 has been spent.

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