Serving the followers of Masoomeen A.S. for 50 years

Our mission is to inculcate Islamic thinking in the masses through wisdom and sacrifice. The Association/organization was formed to preserve the Islamic teachings based on the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet sawas and his Noble Ahl al‑Bayth A.S.

We undertook the task to keep the Islamic rituals and traditions alive. The current status of negligence and animosity to be replaced by love, sincerity, and achievement of envisaged goal.


When the Momineen and visitors come on a daily basis to Husainyah masjid they should benefit from the information and be able to do ziarath of important places of pilgrimage. Your co-operation in preserving the rare books and library books on major topics in large numbers is requested.

Please contribute to the noble cause today in the Holy Month in maintaining the Husainiyah. The total expense is $75,000 and $39,000 has been spent.


Show your support and become a permanent member to consider a small donation every month.

We keep and provide receipt(s) for all your given donations. Should you require any information, Please feel free to contact us at

By Cheques

We accept donation via cheques. Donation by cheque may be submitted in person or you may send us cheque through mail. Cheque should be made payable to “Islamic Heritage of Canada” and send it to:

Islamic Heritage of Canada
328 Passmore Ave, Unit 40
Scarborough, ON
M1V 5J5, Canada.

Via Interac e-Transfer

You can use your online banking account to send your donation by using interac e-transfer service. Send your e-transfer to

While sending your donations, You will not be asked to create a Security Question since we have registered for Auto Deposit. As soon as you send the money, it will be transferred to our account.

Using Debit/Credit Card Machine

We also accept donations using Debit/Credit card machine available in Imam Bargah. When you visit us, you may donate using Debit/Credit cards which makes it easy to donate just by tapping/inserting a credit or debit card. Once you insert your card in the chip card reader, you may confirm and select the amount to donate.

Donations can be made by calling (647) 313-0103 . You may seek the help of any volunteer to pay your donations.

Donate by CASH

One of the possible ways we receive donation with is CASH. Your cash donations are recorded and we provide receipts for any donation given in CASH. Please contact any of our volunteers to submit cash donations.

This way of submitting donation is an effective way when you may want to submit donations frequently and variantly instead of fixing a date in Pre-Authorized donations.

Pre-Authorized Donation

This is best way to donate on monthly basis for all registered members. Whatever amount you want to denote, we accept donations via pre-authorized payments. Please send us the void cheque of your account and mention the monthly donation in email. Send aforementioned information to

Please note, any changes, additions, or cancellations to pre-authorized payments may take upwards of 30 days to process due to bank timelines.

Using KIOSK Machine

We use the power of trusted payment technology, KIOSK. It accepts debit and credit card donations at our location through our unattended self-serve kiosk. You can make a secure donation on this unattended kiosk in just 3 easy steps: select the option(s), select an amount, and make a payment; all in just seconds. Receipt will be emailed to you right away. No volunteers are needed to submit your donations. However, if you need any help, please feel free to ask any volunteer available.

Donate By PAYPAL

You can send us your donations via Paypal. Please CLICK HERE to submit your donations. Should you feel any problem in sending donations via paypal, please feel free to let us know by sending an email to: