Our mission is to inculcate Islamic thinking in the masses through wisdom and sacrifice. The Association/organization was formed to preserve the Islamic teachings based on the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet sawas and his Noble Ahl al‑Bayth A.S.

We undertook the task to keep the Islamic rituals and traditions alive. The current status of negligence and animosity to be replaced by love, sincerity and achievement of envisaged goal.

Vision Statement

We envision a society of believers with true faith who will pursue Islamic ideals in their life and establish Muslim communities.  The target is to be achieved in a few years by involving the younger generation in keeping the traditional values alive by participation and organizing.

The activities for which Husainiyah require your continued support.

  • Majalis, Jashan, Moharrum, and Ramadzaan programs.
  • Deeniyat School, Islamic Secular school and proposed university.
  • Conferences – Imam Mahdi A.S. and Nabi Eesa A.S.
  • Tabligh in the North America and all over the world
  • Publications – The Noor, Al-Haqq, Hikmah
  • Lecture series on Nahul Balagha, 6th Imam A.S. and Masoomeen A.S
  • Media and publicity of Islamic thoughts in Newspapers.
  • Online streaming of various Husainiyah programs.
  • Special programs for younstrs including camps.
  • Maintenance of LIBRARY and antique books and artifacts.
  • Collection of Books and latest Islamic literature.
  • Islamic Hijri Calendar.

What People are saying about us.

“Established in the sixties, this is the first Shia Isna Ashari Imam Bargah to commemorate and revere the Holy Prophet PBUH and the Ahlul Bayt AS. They also have a fantastic Islamic reference collection and a resident erudite scholar.”